Welcome to my online store!  I hope you find the perfect piece of art to brighten your day and lift your spirit!  In addition to hand-painted, heart-centered original works of art, I am offering the link to my paperback book “Beach Blessings” on Amazon and the link to my Society 6 shop where you can order fun products and prints featuring my designs.


“She Turtle,” 8″ x 8″ signed prints $45

This summer I was blessed with the honor of witnessing a sea turtle hatching (boil)!  It was truly an amazing sight and moving experience!  Witnessing a hatching and watching baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean has been on my bucket list for years.  I am overjoyed to have finally seen this miracle of nature.  In honor of this awe inspiring event, I am releasing a limited quantity of sea turtle art prints this September!

Prints will be made from my original 24” x 24” “She Turtle” painting. The price for each 8” x 8” signed print is $45.  In an effort to assist with the continued protection of these magnificent creatures I will donate 10% of the total proceeds to N.E.S.T. (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles) the organization I had the pleasure of nest sitting with this summer.

To purchase your print, click the button below.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.  Additional shipping charges may apply.  Thank you!

Original Artwork

“Lemons” • 16″ x 20″ • $150

“Lavender” • 16″x 20″ • $150

“Waves of light” • 16″x 20″ • $150

“Coastal Cottages” • 24″x12″ • $150

More original artwork coming soon!

Contact me at: if you are interested in purchasing an original piece of art!

Additional shipping charges applied at time of purchase.

Beach Blessings

“Beach Blessings: A photographic journey of awakening to the beauty and blessings of the ocean”

This inspirational book will lift your spirit and is a gift every beach lover will treasure!

The ocean has always been a source of peace, healing, and inspiration for me.  My wish is to share these blessings with you and pay tribute to the ocean and her offerings.  “Beach Blessings” can be used as a journal with the messages written in sand as the prompts, as a self-guided meditation or simply as a gift to enjoy yourself or share with others.

Society 6

Choose from a variety of fun products and designs from mugs to mermaids, sailboats to tote bags, flamingos to phone cases, prints to pillows and more! To browse or purchase click the link below.